• Chan Elizabeth Wirawan – 2201797001
  • Salya Wirachman – 2201798143
  • Zefanya Gedalya B.L.T – 2201796970

Seeing as Construct 2 has a lot of tools to create a huge range of game genres,  at first i suggested that we should make a Metroidvania game and my friend Zef suggested we should make a Schmup (Shoot em up) a.k.a a Bullet Hell but since the theme of the game had to be about Empathy we settled on making a Platformer instead since it is the most simple and versatile genre for construct 2 and since it has many tutorials on the internet that we could use.

So our game would be a Platformer with a story about empathy, drawing inspiration from games such as LIMBO from Playdead Studios and Ori and the Blind Forest from Moon Studios. Our goal is to try to create a story without using much dialogue but through the actions of the user. want to hopefully make a heartwarming and emotional experience for the user when playing the game.

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